Project info

This home was for many years a standard-issue post-war house: good bones but nothing remarkable. Over the past decade, the property has been transformed into a vibrant live/work complex with all the amenities of modern life. The original shell of the house remains, politely integrating with the scale of the neighborhood.

From busy Mockingbird Lane, the original roofline appears beyond a minimalist concrete wall, suggesting the qualities of precision and a delight in materials that characterize the project throughout. From the rear access street, colorful stacked ‘building blocks’ represent the home of the client’s construction company. A sequence of courtyards links new and old, each space unfolding to the next.

On this property, an ordinary house becomes the unexpected origin point for a lively set of functions: living, working, gardening, and entertaining. This project is the architectural expression of the richness of this entwinement, and acts as a ‘business card’ for the company it houses.

  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Year: 2007-2012
  • Status: Construction Complete
  • Citations: 2012 AIA Dallas Home of the Year
  • Collaborator: Larry Hartman